The international headquarters (Siege Mondial) of the Chaine des Rotisseurs is in Paris. The various chapters are called Bailliages. These Bailliages function under the Direction of the Siege Mondial. A Ruling Council composed of delegates from the Bailliages prepares the business of the Council of Administration.

In each country a National Bailliage and Regional Bailliages are constituted in agreement with the Council of Administration. Each National Bailliage is presided over by a Bailli Delegue assisted by a committee consisting of a Chancellor (administration), a Treasurer (finances), a Gastronomy Councillor, a Culinary Councillor, a Secretary and a Press Secretary. The Regional Bailliages are established under the responsibility of the National Bailli Delegue who controls them and are presided over by the Regional Bailli. The Bailli of a region is supported by a committee elected at a regional level that has the same structure as the National Committee.