Chaîne membership offers great opportunities to meet people who share a common interest in fine dining and good friendship. Members are also made to feel especially welcome when patronising Chaîne member establishments such as hotels and restaurants.

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The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs has two types of members: individuals and professionals. The close interaction between professional and non-professional members distinguishes the Chaîne from other organisations. In the Chaîne in Thailand we strive for balanced membership representing professionals involved in food preparation, service in hotels, private restaurants, wine, food and equipment suppliers, writers and critics, as well as knowledgeable laymen who, due to their interest, are in a position to enjoy the pleasures engendered by good cuisine, good wine and pleasant company.

Visiting members

Members of a local Bailliage are part of a worldwide organisation with more than 25,000 members in over 90 countries. Even if you move home, your membership is transferable to any other bailliage.

Membership in the Chaîne has many benefits in the area in which members live. Additionally, it allows you to be part of the Chaîne’s international network and participate in Chaîne events and activities in different countries across the globe. For discerning people, the increase in travel and dining out in recent years has seen the need for an organisation such as the Chaîne grow.

Enjoy the benefits of combining your international travel with joining the Chaine events when visiting Thailand. The international nature of our Confrerie adds a new and exciting dimension to the Chaine experience. Membership of the Chaine makes the world smaller and journeys to Thailand so much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Our members enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for the best of the West and the feast of the East.

For a listing of forthcoming Bailliage de Thailande dinners, visit the Events section of our website.

How to become a member ?

Most new members join through recommendations by friends who are already members. As there is currently a waiting list in Bangkok, please contact directly our

For more information. Membership of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in Thailand is extended to both amateur and professional gastronomes. On receipt of an application that has been endorsed by two members, the applicant is put on the invitation mailing list for a few months. Applicants may attend dinners which is an opportunity to learn more about the society and to experience some of its events. All membership applications are reviewed by the membership committee of the Bailliage, which makes the final decision on admissions. Once the Siège Mondial, the head quarter in Paris, receives the approved membership application form, a nomination for induction is sent to the Bailliage in Thailand. At the annual induction ceremony, followed by a gala dinner the new member is formally welcomed into the Society and receives the appropriate coloured ribbon and diploma.

“Manger est un besoin, savoir manger est un art.”

Francois VI., Duc de La Rochefoucauld

Benefits for lovers of fine dining

Social dining events

As a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs you have the opportunity to meet people who share a common interest in fine dining and good fellowship. In Thailand we hold fine dining events, often black tie, in the best local restaurants, hotels and other exciting venues. Menus and dishes are created exclusively for these dinners by chefs – some of whom are also members of the Confrèrie. A grand gala event (Chapître dinner) is held annually to celebrate the induction of new members.

The activities of the Chaîne are not limited to grand dining. The “dîner amical”, a less formal meal, a picnic or a barbeque, also plays an important role in our Chapter’s schedule.

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs also offers a growing number of regional and national events open to all members. Members of good standing may also attend the Grand Chapître held once a year in each national bailliage around the world. The twinning of bailliages in other countries further expands the opportunities for fine dining and fellowship.


In keeping with the spirit of enjoyment of fine food and wines, certain rules apply during grand events and even less formal Chaîne events and gatherings.

It is felt that Chaîne members and their guests should relish the dishes seasoned exactly as they are prepared by the Chefs who create them. No salt and pepper is available on the table during dinners so that no external influence detracts from the intended taste and flavour of these dishes.

Smoking is not permitted, unless there is a break, or until coffee is served.

Unless there is a break, Chaîne members and their guests are encouraged to remain seated throughout dinner in order to avoid any disruption in the flow and movement of the service brigade.

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during the dinner as it destroys the spirit of conviviality. Also, receiving or sending messages and emails during a dinner is a vulgarity to be scrupulously avoided as it may be construed as indifference and disrespect to others.

Rules for perfect conduct

Ease, savoir-faire, and good breeding, are nowhere more indispensable than at the dinner table, and the absence of them is nowhere more apparent.

Let your conversation be adapted as skillfully as may be to your company. Some men make a point of talking commonplaces to all ladies alike, as if a woman could only be a trifler. Others, on the contrary, seem to forget in what respects the education of a lady differs from that of a gentleman, and commit the opposite error of conversing on topics with which ladies are seldom acquainted. Do not use a classical quotation in the presence of ladies without apologizing for or translating it. You cannot pay a finer compliment to a woman of refinement and esprit than by leading the conversation into such a channel as may mark your appreciation of her superior attainments.

There are people who pride themselves on the saucy chic with which they adopt certain Americanisms and other cant phrases of the day. Such habits cannot be too severely reprehended. They lower the tone of society and the standard of the thought.

Remember that people take more interest in their own affairs than in anything else you can name. To listen well is almost as great an art as to talk well. It is not enough only to listen. You must endeavour to seem interested in the conversation of others.

Compliance with and deference to, the wishes of others is the finest breedings.

When eating or drinking, avoid every kind of audible testimony of the fact.

The chief matter of consideration at the dinner table – as, indeed, everywhere else in the life of a gentleman – is to be perfectly composed and at his ease. He goes through all the complicated duties of the scene as if he were ‘to the manner born’.

Etiquette for Gentlemen, London 1890

Culinary education

Tastings, demonstrations and educational seminars are offered from time to time. These events may take place in local hotels, restaurants, culinary schools or private homes.

Restaurant guide

On this web site there is a list of our professional members. Chaîne members are gladly welcomed at these establishments. We strongly encourage our members and visitors to Thailand to experience the Thai hospitality in a pleasant environment.

Chaîne International Magazine

The Chaîne International Magazine is a high-quality magazine that gives the members the opportunity to share information and to learn about other bailliages and countries as well as the nature of their events and activities where the Chaîne is present and active. It is published twice a year in spring and summer. Each issue contains over hundred pages covering the latest news and coverage on Chaîne events across the globe, together with photogrphs and special feature articles.

Benefits for Culinary Professionals

La Chaîne deeply appreciates the guidance and sophistication that professional members bring to the organisation. The titles bestowed on professional members depend upon their functions and whether they have direct responsibility for a kitchen.

Culinary events

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs began as a society of meat roasters and grillers, and it is the continued interest and support of our professional members, restaurateurs, hoteliers, caterers, industry suppliers and vintners, which allows the Society to maintain its sophisticated standards. The restaurants and hotels which host Chaîne dinners take pride in planning and delivering superb social and culinary events. For our professionals, membership is an opportunity to demonstrate their exceptional skills and creativity to a discerning, appreciative audience.

Restaurant guide

The inclusion of professional member’s establishments in our web site leads to patronage by sophisticated diners. Many Chaîne members make an effort to patronise affiliated members when travelling. As our members are known for their sophistication in dining, they are frequently called upon to recommend restaurants and hotels to their non-member friends and associates and are happy to suggest a fellow member’s establishment.

Membership plaque

The Blazon (or: plaque) can be displayed outside or within the professional member’s establishment. Professional members are not automatically given Blazons for display. The Blazon is a prestigious mark of approval awarded by the Bailliage to a very select few, an honour for which all professional members strive. Since it is offered only to the finest restaurateurs and hoteliers, the Blazon proclaims excellence in food and service.